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The big EngraverHand - Procreate Engraving Brush pack is online at the price at 12 €. Please check the current value in $.


The big brush pack contains 31 Brushes. 1. Outline/Shading brush, 1. Outline brush with stabilazer, 1. Gold Texture Brush, 1. Fill Brush, 1. Stippling Brush, 1. Line background brush and 25 different pattern brushes and it´s pretty quick to make good looking ideas or examples of designs for clients or your own work.


The brush pack also contains a Palette for the colours I use the most plus a PDF file with a very detailed tutorial where I go trough all the process of how to use the brushes on a knife design. It should give you a pretty good idea of how to use the rest of the brushes, and it´s only creativity that will stop you.


I have also created a private Facebook group for people who buy the brushes, where you can ask questions, share ideas and designs and get help if needed. I had to make the group private as a lot of people who did not buy the brushes tried to join. Please look for Marius Mellebye or EngraverHand on Facebook and send me a message, and I will invite you. There is a link in the PDF but might not work as the group visability has changed.


I´m also workinng on a video that I will publish in the Facebook group plus YouTube on how to use the brushes in diferent projects.


Install instructions: Install instructions: I recommend to download the brush pack directly on the iPad to make it easier for you.

After downloading on your iPad you can go to your download folder from the browser you are using to locate the .zip file. When it's unpacked you can double double click the brush file and it should import automatically in Procreate.

If not, open Procreate and go to the brush Library and click the + icon at the top right. Then you will see "Import" and when you click that a new finder window will open. Locate the brush file which most likely will be in your "Recent" folder at the top left or in your "Download" a little more down on the left and click the file.
If you download on a Mac, you can AirDrop the brush files to your iPad. If you are using a PC.. hmm.. to be honest, I’m not really sure. You will have to get the files somehow from your computer to your iPad. I guess to upload them to a cloud like DropBox, Google OneDrive or similar can work and then download on the iPad.


After puchase, you will get a confirmation email, then another email with a download link. If you dont find it, please check your spam folder, as in some cases it might be there. if not please send me an email and I will sort it out.


Please read PDF after purchase. Thanks a lot for your support!



EngraverHand Brush Pack

12,00 €Price
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