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This is my pateron page where I´m sharing a few tips and tricks I have picked up here and there. This Patreon page is free, but there is an option to support as a $5 a month page where I will try to post some subscriber content.

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A little selection of LIVE videos of engraving and scrollwork drawings, plus some tutorials, hand drawing, vector work, scrollwork designs and hand engraving projects. Check it out, you might pick up a tips or two, and when I do LIVE engraving I try answering questions by audio while engraving.

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Ceramic Micro Stones

The Ceramic Micro Super Stones from ArtCo is defiantly one of my favorite mini stones, and the only place I have found as thin as 0,3 mm which comes handy in many ways.  Sculpting, repairing, gold inlay, background.. you name it! If you are looking for high quality micro stones, check the link above which takes you directly to the micro stones. I can not live without.. You can use them in mechanical pencils or as I usually do, in a micro stone holder from the Lidnsay AirGraver accessories page.

There is no secret that I´m a big fan of the Lindsay Engraving Inc tools and think it´s the best engraving tools money can buy. I´m starting to get a pretty decent collection of gravers and vises. It´s not the worst addiction to have.. 


The tools and the service is just one of a kind top quality.

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Composing music has always been and is a big part of my life. Doesn´t matter if people like it or not, but I´m having great fun composing music and it´s pretty good therapy.. If you would like to have a listen of some of what I do, check out my Sound Cloud page and I´m about to add some of my soundtracks there. If you like it, feel free to share the links and give some feedback.. that´s always fun :-)

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